Curious kids explore big ideas at Eurekamp Oz at UWA!

Eurekamp Oz! kids

Eurekamp Oz! made it to UWA News!

“Could magic be real? Is coral a rock, plant, or animal? Do we even need sharks? Is a Pokémon a pet? How can planting trees help cool the earth?

These were just some of the questions keeping kids busy at The University of Western Australia last week, as four innovative Eurekamp Oz! school holiday programs were rolled out across campus.

A collaboration between UWA, the charity PEiPL Ltd and a Children’s University Learning Destination, Eurekamp Oz! is the brainchild of Rob Wilson, Professor of Philosophy in UWA’s School of Humanities and one of the founders of the original Eurekamp in Canada.
The October spring edition involved more than 100 kids in activities at Imagineering! (five-to-nine-year-olds) and Oceans 21! (10-14 year-olds).

Designed and implemented in partnership with UWA’s Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre (IOMRC), both programs explored the wonders and complexities of the ocean and everything that lives in it, with a little help from Carly Portch and Justin Geldard, PhD candidates at the IOMRC. […]”

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