Our Camps: Game On!

During our school holiday philosophy camps, children can expect to participate in many adventurous activities such as Treasure Hunting, Human Bingo, First Nation Games, and Fun ‘Community of Inquiry’ Discussions. One special feature of our four-day Game On! Camp is where the children develop their very own board games. In January 2022 this resulted in The Anomaly, a resource gathering board game that is receiving rave reviews and critical acclaim! Developed by children aged 11-14, this game casts the player as a stranger on a distant plant planet gathering resources for a new settlement. A unique feature of this game is that the player can move in any direction depending on what number they have rolled and what their current goals are. Players might be gathering resources for their settlement or heading through the bizarre anomaly that sits between the resource gathering area and the settlement building area. This game is fun to play and generated much discussion amongst the kids regarding the importance of looking after our ‘home’ planet.

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