Our camps: Imagineering!

Imagineering! will engage your child’s curiosity and imagination through play. Campers will engage in a diverse list of inspiring, hands-on and captivating activities. Play an ‘In-Real-Life’ version of Minecraft; experience the value of free-flow play (think: Calvin and Hobbes’ Calvin Ball); create in the Magical world of wizardry, Harry Potter style; and build junkyard playgrounds that will exercise their creative juices!  
In addition to these great activities, campers will be challenged with important questions such as “Is Pokémon a pet?”, “Can we make believe anything?”, and “Could magic be real?”. This camp caters to the very active child who loves to build and explore the world with their imagination.  

Register your children here: https://peipl.net.au/eurekampoz.

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