PEiPL working meetings: October 17 and 29

Dear PEiPLers,
      I wanted to invite you to attend either or both of two October meetings for the group Philosophical Engagement in Public Life (PEiPL).  The group now has over 120 members, most based in Melbourne, and has drawn attention philosophical work around public engagement of various kinds in the nearly two years it has existed.  As I will be moving to Perth in November to take up a position as professor of philosophy at UWA, this pair of meetings will be important in brokering the transition for how PEiPL will continue to operate in 2020 (which it will).
Hopefully, these October meetings will serve to garner what interest there is in keeping PEiPL’s Melbourne base active once I move to Perth, and part of what they do will be to determine the role that Melbourne philosophers and philosophy students will play here.  As some of you know, students from all Melbourne metropolitan university (including our undergraduates) have been quite active here as participants in working groups and as attendees at public events.
      The meetings will be held on Thursday, 17th October, 4.30 – 6pm, and Tuesday, 29th October, 6.30 – 8pm; two meetings have been scheduled partly because their differential timing during the day speaks to different constituencies within PEiPL and I wanted to optimise the chance for members of the group and interested others to have their say here.  Both meetings will be held at the University of Melbourne, which has generously offered to host (thanks Harry Galatis); we have typically met there, at La Trobe City Campus, and at ACU, in order to make meetings more readily accessible to those spread across Melbourne metropolitan.  The Phil Events pages for the meetings with full details are:
Please let me know at if you can attend either or if you can’t but have an interest in playing a role in PEiPL in 2020.  At the meetings we will hear reports from working groups on philosophy in prisons / youth detention centres and on the “A Night of Philosophy and Ideas” initiative.  I welcome agenda items for either meeting from any of you.
I will also send this notice out via our old semi listserv, since there are some on there who are not registered to receive notices from directly and will be interested.
kind regards,  rob wilson–
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