Philosophy in Prisons initiative: 3rd meeting

This is to reconfirm the next meeting for the Prisons in Philosophy initiative of PEiPL, which will be held 7-9pm, Friday, 3rd May, (with vegetarian dinner provided) in South Melbourne at a private residence. We will be a fairly full house for this meeting, but if there is anyone interested in the initiative who would either like to attend or just stay informed (beyond public postings) of how the initiative is developing, please let me know and I will be in touch with you: rwilson dot robert at gmail dot com .

Although there will be no itemised agenda, if there are specific issues that you want to discuss, please flag that ahead of time. We plan to cover the sorts of things we have flagged at previous meetings: existing best practices, the Victorian environment, ways into the system, staffing, timelines, nature of the intervention, training, short- vs long-term goals, funding.

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