Agenda: General Meeting 24 October 2018

PEIPL: General Meeting

Wednesday, 24th October, 2018, 5.30 – 7.30pm

Australian Catholic University, 250 Victoria Parade (corner of Brunswick St.)

4th Floor: you will be met at the door to the building or call David Killoren for entry 0416711324 or

RSVPs received: Karen Bland, Yuri Cath, Chris Cousens, Yosefine Deans, Harry Galatis, William Ho, David Killoren, Susan Knopfelmacher, Hannah Kreber, Martin Leckey, Tyler Paytas, Janette Poulton, Ben Reeves, Lenny Robinson-McCarthy, Richard Rowland, Antonia Smyth, Michelle Sowey, Maurizio Toscano, John Wilkins, Rob Wilson, Bonnie Zuidland

Apologies: Catherine Mills, Susanne Oldmeadow, Jack Reynolds, Nick Haslam, Fiona Fidler, Anya Daly


  1. Welcome from Rob Wilson (convenor), David Killoren (local host)
  2. News, announcements, and general updates
    1. World Congress (2018, 2023)
    2. World Philosophy Day (15 November): Philosothon @ Melbourne Museum
    3. Ethical Capability Workshop (VAPS, 28th October, 9.30am – 1pm)
    4. Advanced Practice Workshop (VAPS, 18-20 November)
    5. Joint Caucus of Socially Engaged Philosophers and Historians of Science (JCEPHS)
    6. Camp-Us / youngPEiPL / Adventures in Ideas (Nov 19-23, La Trobe)
    7. Night of Ideas and Philosophy (January 2019 or 2020)
    8. Philosophy and Education working group
  1. Reports from working groups
  • Philosophy in Schools & Beyond (Lenny Robinson-McCarthy & Michelle Sowey)
  • Philosophy Out of School (Karen Bland)
  • Artphil (Maurizio Toscano)
  • At the margins (Sam Douglas)
  • Philosophy and the sciences (Fiona Fidler and Jake Chandler)
  1. Report from Minorities and Philosophy (MAP), Antonia Smyth
  2. Report from the Victorian Association for Philosophy in the Schools, Bonnie Zuidland
  3. Other business

Dinner: 7.45pm @ Smith & Daughters; if we are >6, a second group will spontaneous generate.

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