Minutes of General Meeting

General Meeting

Wednesday, 24th October, 2018
5.30 – 7.30pm
Australian Catholic University
250 Victoria Parade 4thFloor

RSVPs received and in attendance (22): Karen Bland, Sean Butler,* Yuri Cath, Stephanie Collins*, Chris Cousens, Anya Daly*, Yosefine Deans, Harry Galatis, Dan Halliday*, David Killoren, Hannah Kreber, Martin Leckey,  Cathy Legg*, Tyler Paytas, Janette Poulton, Ben Reeves, Lenny Robinson-McCarthy, Richard Rowland, Laurance Splitter,* Maurizio Toscano, John Wilkins, Rob Wilson

Apologies (12): Jake Chandler*, Oisin Deery*, Fiona Fidler, Nick Haslam, William Ho*, Susan Knopfelmacher*, Catherine Mills, Susanne Oldmeadow, Jack Reynolds, Antonia Smyth*, Michelle Sowey,* Bonnie Zuidland*

* = RSVP or apology received after circulation of agenda in advance (or at) of meeting.

  1.  Welcome from Rob Wilson (convenor and meeting chair), David Killoren (local host)

Welcome to the meeting, logistics and directions from David. Richard offers an alternative contact number for latecomers to enter the building. Organisation and numbers sought for dinner. Introductions from everyone in the room.

 News, announcements, and general updates

  • World Congress (2018, 2023)

Report from Janette and Cathy on the congress in Beijing. The next congress will be held in Melbourne 2023. Suggestion that this be a site of possible PEiPL involvement, although this will require further planning. No definite action taken.

  • World Philosophy Day (15 November): Philosothon @ Melbourne Museum

Report from Janette. This will be held at the Melbourne Museum, and has a focus on rights, justice, and freedom. While there is sufficient support for the event already, PEiPL members invited to attend as observers. Harry suggested that there is an option to join in as facilitators, but this would require attending a briefing day in advance.

  • Ethical Capability Workshop (VAPS, 28th October, 9.30am – 1pm)

Report from Janette and Harry. This will run on the 28/10/2019, and is a professional development day introducing teachers to changes in the curriculum. Invitation made to PEiPL members involved with classroom teaching of philosophy.

  • Advanced Practice Workshop (VAPS, 18-20 November)

This will run from 18–20/11/2019 and is aimed at teachers who have already undertaken a lot of Philosophy for Kids training and teaching. It will involve international and interstate attendees.

  • Joint Caucus of Socially Engaged Philosophers and Historians of Science (JCSEPHS)

Report from Rob. This is an upcoming event in the USA for philosophers of science focused on social engagement (concern with environmental studies and climate change has strong overlap with some PEiPL members). Also an element of media engagement and promotion. Rob suggests promoting the PEiPL group and to seek some name recognition at the congress with a lunch event, funded by him. Focus on making it available to graduate students.

  • Camp-Us / youngPEiPL / Adventures in Ideas (Nov 19-23, La Trobe)

Report from Karen. The pilot program for this will run from 19–23/11/2019. The available sessions have been booked out with Year 7–8 students from schools linked to La Trobe University’s outreach program. While this does not match the initial vision for the program, it allows us to access funding tied to certain criteria. Two programs will run – ‘Am I a Good Sport’ and ‘Who Am I?’. The goal is to turn this into a holiday program next year. A training session for general P4C will run on 26/10, and another on 16/11 with a focus on program materials. Maurizio mentioned that these schools are likely connected with primary schools which will be a good way to begin promotion of the next round of programs.

  • Night of Ideas and Philosophy (January 2019 or 2020)

Report from Rob. This philosophy focused night is sponsored by French Embassy. It ostensibly contains 24 hours of 20 minute events. Rob to continue to liaise with the French Embassy to find more information. Depending on dates, various suggestions for ties in to White Night or the Melbourne Writers Festival. Call for expressions of interest in being involved, to be followed up at another time.

  • Philosophy and Education working group

A few months ago, group leader had to step down, open call for expressions of interest in leading the group going forward. General sentiment that the group is likely to close down without a focal project, but general support for the idea of doing something with it.

 Reports from working groups

  • Philosophy in Schools & Beyond (Lenny Robinson-McCarthy & Michelle Sowey)

General report on changes to VCE philosophy curriculum. Also a report on VAPS conference from Janette and others. This involved philosothons at Scienceworks, and focused on enriching the curriculum with science and ethical concerns. Rob and other attendees expressed interest in getting keynote speaker (Krystal di Napoli) involved in a future PEiPL event. Rob already in contact, so will pursue this for future events. Preshill philosophy conference reinstated thanks to generous grant from student family, potential date in July/August 2019. List of recent publications from Michelle Sowey read out, discussion about succession at Journal of Philosophy in Schools. Janette mentions that VAPS have funding for regional development, both to send people out to regional schools and to bring them to existing VAPS events.

  • Philosophy Out of School (Karen Bland)

Covered in News.

  • Artphil (Maurizio Toscano)

The ArtPhil group is looking to set up a project to coalesce the group around, suggested involvement with the Melbourne Science Gallery who will be running events and projects of general interest to PEiPL. Rob mentions a possible Darwin connection that might be helpful to the group. General call for additional people to be involved in this working group.

  • At the margins (Sam Douglas)

Mention by Karen of a soup kitchen initiative that did not work as planned. Potential other options for community engagement at the margins discussed, e.g. Melbourne Indigenous Transition School or Survival Day events. No commitments made.

  • Philosophy and the sciences (Fiona Fidler and Jake Chandler)

This group has been quiet since the Sterelny/Griffiths talks in March, but as with At The Margins, report without group leaders was brief.

  •  Report from Minorities and Philosophy (MAP), on behalf of Antonia Smyth*

Announcement from Antonia Smyth covered by Rob. A chapter of Minorities and Philosophy opened in Melbourne. They have started a reading group, Asian Philosophy talks, and an FAQ campaign to build conversation about minorities in philosophy. John suggests that these could, where relevant, be promoted through the PEiPL site.

  •  Report from the Victorian Association for Philosophy in the Schools, Bonnie Zuidland

Covered by Janette in News.

 Other business
  • New Zealand Centre for Science and Citizenship (Michelle Sowey)

Laurance – mentions that he is editing special issue of an unknown journal on the theme of moral education and identity, and that this might be of interest to PEiPL members looking for publications.

John – he is reworking the form to submit eventsto the PEiPL page to enable contributors to post events without needing hisapproval. He emphasises that each post will require an image. Rob adds that oneof the goals for the site is to reduce overlap in email lists and promotion,but issues with MailChimp have slowed progress on that front.

Karen asks Maurizio and John for assistance creating a logo for Young PEiPL.

Rob floats suggestion for the next meeting,including regularity of meetings. Potential date in Feb or March 2019 at LaTrobe City Campus with a view to meeting in person twice a year. Yuri suggestsaddition email updates, although no decision made about regularity of in personor email updates. Next meeting to be determined in consultation with workinggroup leaders.

Lenny – suggests that organising groups around projects would be an effective way to mobilise interest and energy from working groups. Maurizio, Hannah, and Karen voice support for the idea. Rob suggests that this becomes a call for projects that might fit the bill.

7:32 Meeting Closed

Minutes by Chris Cousens (C.Cousens@latrobe.edu.au)

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